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brandon fenley simmonton , United States

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About me

i am the type of person thats very social and gets out alot.i also hate when people go in my room cause its so special to hobby is playin guitar and listenin to music.i have an awesome girlfriend name april and she laughs at just about any thin so now ya know


i am currently working at time wise in close to katy,and im planning on going to school around june when i have enough money.after that i usually chill at april's house or she comes over mine


i really dont have a favorite type of music.i listen to all types.

Movies and TV:

i dont watch tv that much but when i do i usally watch funniest home videos,hbo movies,horror films,thrillers,and comedy


i really didnt care for sports that much but now im starting to like hockey and im thinking about gettin a ticket to go to a game or something


i am i love with photography.i want it to be one of my careers hopefully.the hard part is though is that i cant think of a type of photography that i want to do because theres so many options.


i love art,am sort of getting into hokey,i like privacy when comes to my room,and im happily in a relationship with a pretty cool person so yup!


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